Big Fat Harry Audacious Goal

What is a bfhag


This is the section that I am allowed to think of the most outrageous goal.  The idea is to have a “way out in the distance” idea that may never be reached but it pulls an organization in a defined direction. 

Before I move forward I will back up a bit.  I have been in this business for 16 years.  There is nothing I have not tried or done to make money in the gelato business. Some of them have worked very well, and some of them have been very expensive flops.  I have also been around to see many good people come and go through this industry.  Why do some make it and others fail?  Can we predict what will work and what will not?  These questions should be the keystones in every good business plan.  The problem is they are very hard questions to answer.

So with this in mind, using my experience as the foundation of my goals, I truly think I can bring something to this industry with the help of the people in the industry.

Currently, every gelateria is an island.  However, successful locations are all part of something larger, where recognition and consistency are not only expected they are sought after.  With this in mind my BFHAG is to bring together as many independent gelaterias and cafes as possible in order to take advantage of the opportunities in doing so.  Increased purchasing power, and media outreach are just a couple of examples.  If we realize that gelato is a local phenomenon and not a winner take all industry then we can work together to increase the demand across the entire brand.

I have taken the first step in this direction by offering what I know to anyone who is willing to listen. The rest is up to you.